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About Moonshake Books

Greetings! This is Moonshake Books, a side project for Mr. Wapojif of the satirical website Professional Moron. I’ve written about literature extensively there amongst my daily scribblings about absurdity, culture, and surreal humour, but I wanted a site to focus entirely on my literary obsession.

Alternatively, I’m known as Alex and you can read about my writing career to date over at Clicked Copywriting. I completed an MA in journalism back in 2007, but have since worked as a copywriter, content manager, and SEO in the digital marketing world.

Since December 2014, over on Professional Moron, my Book of da Week section has typically consisted of a brief synopsis and my thoughts and feelings on the chosen text. Usually done and dusted in around 500 words, I feel like I wasted reviews on some of my favourite novels.

Moonshake Books was created in July 2016 to redress the balance. Typically, I have a new review out once every two-three months. These things take quite a while to write – my Roads to Freedom trilogy review topped 20,000 words! I’m working full time here.

Anyway, these book reviews are thoroughly detailed, a little less silly, and all the more educational for it (I hope). Ultimately, what I’m aiming for is to direct a few people towards some excellent books to read.

I do hope you enjoy.

Addendum: Moonshake

For anyone wondering about the origins of the name for this website, I can point you towards the legendary Krautrock band Can.

Its song Moonshake is from the landmark Future Days (1973) album. I can highly recommend you listen to the whole record for some remarkable music.

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