About Moonshake Books

Moonshake Books came about in July 2016. Typically, I have a new review once every three-four months. These things take quite a while to write—my Roads to Freedom trilogy review topped 20,000 words.

I’m working full time here, darn it, so can’t always focus on this site. Most of the time I’m writing surreal humour things on my other blog.

But each book review is thoroughly detailed and, I hope, enough to make you buy the book and read it in full. Or share your memories of reading it.

Ultimately, what I’m aiming for is to direct a few people towards some excellent books to read. Enjoy!

Addendum: Where Moonshake Comes From

For anyone wondering about this site’s name, I can point you towards the legendary Krautrock band Can.

Its song Moonshake is from the landmark Future Days (1973) album. I highly recommend you listen to the whole record for some remarkable music.

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